“No one has a right to consume happiness without producing it.” 
— Helen Keller


We specialize in creating compelling podcasts, combining professional production quality with engaging storytelling. Whether you’re an experienced speaker or just starting, let us bring your ideas to life and connect you with the right audience.


With the benefits of real-time audience feedback providing measurable results and analytics, livestreaming is a great way to build your brand and/or generate leads. We help you livestream webinars, presentations, and events smoothly and efficiently.

We create and optimise YouTube channels. We can help you in the planning and strategy phase or the writing and producing phase or publishing and promotion phase. We also repurpose in mutiple formats for other social platforms.

Tan Lay

The word “Element” is a noun in the English language defined by the Oxford Dictionary as meaning: an essential or characteristic part of something abstract.  

It is a basic part of a whole, and in chemistry, refers to a simple substance that cannot be broken down into smaller parts or changed into another substance. 

I founded Element Communications in 2020 to help business leaders communicate the essential, characteristic part of their company’s purpose. Today Element Communications does that through podcasts, livestreams, and YouTube videos.