You can’t have it both ways.

This is a common saying and it suggests that duality is fundamental. We don’t hear, ‘You can’t have it all 17 ways.’ The saying is, ‘You can’t have it both ways,’ 17 (or 23,000 or infinity) ultimately breaks down to 2. 2 is fundamental. Because it represents choice. 1 is fundamental because it represents existence. …

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Mindfulness is Good.

If : mindfulness is observing your thoughts, and by observing your thoughts you remove the attachments to that thought; Then : a mindful person experiences thoughts as neither good nor bad. Which means: whenever a mindful person wants to experience ‘Good,’ he or she just has to choose to attach it to a thought.

Step Outside Comfort Zone

By definition, comfort is a thing we want to provide for creatures that we love. So why would we want to take any creature outside of its comfort zone? Where does this idea come from? It comes from the recognition that life consists of movement. It’s a reminder to ourselves that we should step outside …

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