About this blog

To “Notice the Obvious” is to notice an important thing that you already know but have forgotten about.

To notice the obvious is to connect to the source (or nature).

It’s a three word reminder to uncover the foundational elements of any particular problem that you’re trying to solve or idea that you’re trying to grasp.

To notice the obvious is to first, recognise your instinct and only after that, make a judgement on what to do.

Noticing the obvious is about understanding language; not to learn a new language but to remember the meaning of words in your own language. Remember that words are “representations” of “ideas“. And ideas are “pictures” of “things”.

Noticing the obvious means noticing BOTH that which is… and that which is not. (Because that’s the only way to define anything.)

In the coming blog posts I will be trying to notice some more obvious things.

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