Why Should I Share?

You should share because it’s good, not for the receiver, but for you!

A good question to ask now might be, ‘How do I achieve balance in a world full of input?’
A good answer might be, ‘Create output.’

If you’re reading this, you’re doing it for one or both of these reasons:

  • you’re looking for entertainment
  • you’re looking for enlightenment

Whichever reason it is, it can be categorized as ‘input,’ because it’s information coming into your brain. You’re either actively or passively looking for input. You don’t need me to tell you what happens when there’s stuff only going into a container and none going out.

Your car can only take a certain amount of fuel before the tank is filled. After that you must drive somewhere and burn that fuel off. Your stomach can only take so much food before it’s completely full. After that you have to go out and use the energy converted from the food.

The thing is, the car’s fuel tank and your stomach have automatic cut off systems preventing further input. Do we have a similar cut off mechanism for information entering the brain? No, we don’t. Because the brain is the highest order. The controller does not have a controller.

So, once again: today’s world is a world full of input. To live a balanced life in a world of constant input, for which you have no efficient shut off mechanism, you must open a release valve.

Create output. You must write, speak, share. Don’t do it for me. I probably won’t read it. Do it for you.

The same way, every word I’ve written here is for me.