Unknown Unknowns

Out of all the things which have no name, the Unknown Unknown is a thing that I feel should be named as soon as possible.

These days with so much developing technology, humans have actually started to forget what it’s like to ‘not know’ something.

Thanks to the internet, whatever we don’t know, we can soon find out.

What’s the capital of Mongolia? Look it up.
What do bees eat? Look it up.
How far away is the sun? Look it up.

Notice these unknowns are already in question form.

So what we have invented is technology to answer questions.

But answers only reveal themselves to questions.
Problems arise, when people look for answers without a question.
They struggle becaue they forget to define the question first.

So one way to ask the question is, “How do I know what questions to ask?”
Another way is, “How do I find the unknown unknowns?”

In earlier times — let’s say before the scientific revolution — humans had things they knew, and things they didn’t know.

  • Knowns
  • Unknowns

That was it.

Today, thanks to the internet, we have:

  • Knowns
  • Unknowns but easily known via Google search
  • Unknown Unknowns

Still, I’m a fan of having one word to signify one concept, and “unknown unknown” doesn’t satisfy me completely because it’s an adjective and a noun together.

Why can’t we make a new noun to identify it?