The opposite of ‘Emotional’ is worth investigating.

Imagine somebody making an emotional decision. What’s the opposite of that? Is it ‘a logical decision?’

Yes, maybe but it’s not very useful because nobody considers themselves illogical. So encouraging the use of words like ‘logical’ ‘intellectual’ ‘rational’ to describe the opposite of ’emotional’ just results in people blaming each other.

Because, again, nobody believes they are lacking in logic, intellect or rationality.

I vote for a wider use of the word, ‘non-emotional‘ to describe the opposite of emotional.

It’s already in use. I vote for a wider use.

Like instead of saying, ‘Hey, the shit’s hitting the fan. We have to make a logical decision,’ if we said, ‘make a non-emotional decision,’ it’s more useful because:

  • it reminds us, we’re being emotional which immediately reduces the emotion
  • it brings into view some options that were previously hidden

Everyone believes they are logical.

If you’re facing a problem and you ask yourself, ‘Am I being logical?’ the answer will always be yes, which means your current condition may not improve.

If you ask yourself, ‘Am I being non-emotional?’ the answer is not important and your current condition will immediately improve.