CLICHÉ: Technology Moving Fast

CLICHÉ: Technology is changing fast.

WHAT WE FORGET : The time before internet.

Ok, just from looking at how new the cliché is, you get the idea that it’s true.

Let’s make a quick visual representation (without drawing anything!)

  • Today..
  • 50 years ago. No internet.
  • 100 years ago. No internet..
  • 150 years ago. No internet. No cars.
  • 200 years ago. No internet. No cars. No electricity.
  • 250 years ago. No internet. No cars. No electricity.
  • 300 years ago. No internet. No cars. No electricity.
  • 350 years ago. No internet. No cars. No electricity.
  • 400 years ago: No internet. No cars. No electricity.

I could continue writing this list – which is also a visual representation of time because each line (approximately 3-5mm long depending on your current screen resolution) represents 50 years. If I wanted to go back 10,000 years, I would need 200 lines which is at least the height of five regular laptop computer screens.

So, to recap, if the word ‘Today’ from the above list was at the top of a computer screen, and each line represents 50 years, the list would have to continue for more than five computer screens to get to around 10,000 years ago – around the time humans started farming.

After that, we could continue for 10 more computer screens worth of lines, and the story would still be the same: whilst there were humans with the same brains we have today, there were no such things as internet, cars, or electricity (we could also add, there were no such thing as cities, towns, or villages).

So back to the point.

Imagine 10 computer screens vertically stacked up filled with the same sentence (in the current font size):

  • No such thing as internet, cars, electricity, cities, towns or villages.

Now, look up to top of the list, at the top of this current screen, to remind yourself how long the internet has been around in relation to other technology.

Now consider blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Consider virtual and augmented reality.

Consider artificial intelligence and machine learning.

And now notice how fast technology is changing.