Set Specific Goals is The Second Step.

‘Set specific goals,’ is excellent advice. Why don’t people follow it? Because it’s difficult. Because they face analysis paralysis as they remember that to specify means to select from a larger pool of options. ‘Set specific goals,’ is the second step.

The first step is to see the large pool of options. In other words: understand the big picture and define the long-term goal.

After that, the details will fall into place. The tactics will become apparent. The specific goals will present themselves.

I also notice that ‘Not knowing what to do next‘ occurs when I don’t know what I want; when I haven’t defined the long-term goal; when I don’t understand the big picture; when there is no strategy in place.

Lower the barrier to entry.

Notice the obvious; articulate the broad goal first.

If you know the way broadly, you will see it in everything.

Miyamoto musashi