CLICHÉ: Set Specific Goals.

CLICHÉ: Be specific with goal setting.

WHAT WE FORGET: The broad strategy.

‘Set specific goals,’ is excellent advice. Why don’t people follow it? Because it’s difficult. Because they face analysis paralysis (specific means selecting from a larger pool of options). ‘Set specific goals,’ is bad advice if the overall strategy isn’t in place.

First, understand the big picture. Define the long-term goal.

After that, the details will fall into place. The tactics will become apparent. The steps to take will present themselves.

If you’ve decided to buy a white Toyota, if you’ve really made that decision, you will now notice all the white Toyotas on the roads everywhere you go – the ones you never noticed before.

We should be noticing that the reason we don’t know what to do is that we don’t know what we want. We haven’t defined the goal. We don’t understand the big picture. There is no strategy in place.

If we haven’t committed to the white Toyota, all we see is a confusing endless row of cars whizzing by.

Lower the barrier to entry.

Notice the obvious; you already have the broad goal in your head. Say it out loud and write it down!

If you know the way broadly, you will see it in everything.

Miyamoto musashi