Second tweet ever on a new Twitter account

I’m testing an idea for a new app which required me to start a new Twitter account and track its progress.

I’m tracking its progress as part of this blog.

So the account was opened last week and since then I had been mulling over what the second tweet should be. I knew its content but didn’t know its heading – until now.

I knew I had to capture it in two words. These are the steps I took continuing the same line of thought from the first tweet.

  • Balance
  • Notice Balance
  • Long connection
  • The loop
  • Physical exercise
  • All good
  • Reduce Stress

Those are some of the ideas that I have for the second tweet. And they all mean something very important to me; someone who’s trying to find the 6 ultimate reminders that he wants to remember every moment of the day.

Balance because there are always poles of varying distance apart.

Notice balance is the first reminder. Long connection because it’s about noticing the balance you already maintain and to remember to keep a continuous train of thought.

The loop because the loop.

Physical exercise because it reminds me to stand up and stretch and breathe in different ways. And drink water!

All good because some can be bad, some can be a mix and some can be all good.

Reduce stress because they are two words to represent a concept (in English) that I wish only required one.

So to remind myself of all that I had to come up with a tweet that reminded me to read this blog post again. So my second reminder/tweet to learn is, ‘Read Again.’