perform on camera

“What an interest is awakened by one who is able to tell stories of his own experience.” — Andrew Carnegie

Perform on Camera

Make the truth fascinating.

Perform on Camera is a coaching program, workshop, and blog covering the tools and techniques required for building your online presence slowly but surely.
When I started my career in Television 15 years ago, the majority of people who had to consider performing on camera were actors and presenters.
Of course, today I would venture to guess that well over 80% of people reading this have had to perform on camera in some way in the past 6 months. 
I created this program because I wanted to use my skills in directing actors, my experience producing content for traditional TV as well as for YouTube and other online platforms — to help people in the business world perform better on camera, and subsequently deliver a concise message to the right audience.
Perform on Camera is available as articles on the blog (coming soon) or personal 1-to-1 calls with me.
— NEW! One day workshop available now. —