New Information or Reminders?

Can you tell the difference?

I was recently talking to a friend. He and I have always consumed information differently. Whether it’s books or movies, he does not like to re-watch or re-read things, whereas I prefer to only watch or read things that I already know and like.

So we established that he likes new information and I like reminders.

But then, I recently learned that he listens to this new material (audiobooks, podcasts, YouTube videos) at 2.5x speed.

Two and a half times faster than regular speed. He says he loves how the ideas are injected directly into his brain at super fast speed. Sure, I often do that too, but remember, I’m usually rewatching or re-listening. He’s doing that with content he’s encountering for the first time.

It made me wonder: is it possible to ingest new information at that speed? I’m gonna say, no it isn’t.

So then how is he doing it? Ah.. he’s pulling reminders from a wider pool of content than I am.

We’re both seeking reminders – I get my reminders from the same two or three people. He gets his reminders from a larger number of sources.

I’m betting that when it’s genuinely new information, he’s slowing down his playback speed from 2.5x to something considerably closer to 1x.

I’ll have to ask him.