SOLUTION: Love Each Other

Perhaps the most obvious of them all. How can we examine this in a way that hasn’t been examined before?

Let’s start by noticing that your immediate reaction is, ‘That’s such a cliché!’ or ‘Is that it?’

‘Love each other? That’s your solution?’

But if you think about it a little more (just take 3 seconds to think about different people in your nearest city and loving them all), your next reaction should be ‘I can’t love everyone! That’s impractical’

And then your next reaction after that is, ‘I can’t love those people.’ And your next reaction after that will be, ‘I can’t love those people!’

So we can stop right there. You’ve made a big discovery that although it’s obvious, you actually cannot do it.

All of today’s problems are caused by the inability of humans to love each other. Therefore to remove the problems, we should first understand that it’s very difficult to love everyone. And then we should hope for next best thing: the majority of humans loving the majority of other humans.

And the funny thing about love is… you can’t give it until you learn to receive it.

Loving others‘ is what we should strive to do.
Many others love me‘ is what we should notice now.