Life Is Short?

Is life long or short? To answer that, I should first decide if I’m talking about a single human lifespan or the whole species. Let’s say the former. If I take the current average human lifespan and round it up to 100, I then need to determine from whose point of view am I measuring?

100 years, looking at it from any single human point of view, is long. In fact, I could say that it’s the longest thing most humans can possibly experience.

I have to also take into account from which point in time this 100 years is viewed. If viewed from the beginning, then it’s very long. If viewed from the end, it’s very short.

If I look at it from an objective, universal point of view, in relation to the life of the whole species, then 100 years is extremely short; it’s an instant, a beat, a single point in time.

The thing to celebrate

If I assume humans evolved 6 million years ago and the average human lifespan today is 100 years, then I can convert those numbers into understandable terms by saying: the human species came into existence 17 hours ago and no single human spent more than 1 second alive.

Yet somehow all those people from the past managed to gather and share enough knowledge with each other through consecutive generations to build the world we live in today.

Act well your part. There all the honour lies.