Life is Happening.

Whether we like it or not.

On the plains of Africa, when animals fight and kill each other right next to the photographer jeeps, they are not aware of the concept of humans watching them. These animals are completely driven by their emotional instincts.

In the same way, we act out emotions in our daily lives. If we can somehow transport the view from inside our head looking outwards –> to outside our head; if we can see the world from an objective point of view, we would see life happening.

Was that an oxymoron in the previous sentence?

Yes, it was.

‘An objective point of view’ cannot exist because a point of view by definition is subjective.

  • From the lion’s point of view: something is impelling me to fight this other lion.
  • From the safari tourist’s point of view: something is impelling me to watch these two lions fighting.
  • From my point of view: something is impelling me to to write about this.
  • From your point of view: this guy is writing about tourists and lions and points of view.
  • From person X’s point of view: the stock is falling; or the stock is rising; or my daughter is getting married; or I need a vacation; or I feel insulted; or I’m afraid of insulting someone; or can I afford this house?; or I gained weight; or I’m nervous to make this call; or I don’t have enough money this month; or I wish it was sunny; or I’m right; or I’m wrong; or I hope this virus will be contained soon.

There can be no objective point of view.

There can be lots of views from an infinite number of points but objectively: life is happening.