content & communications

Brief recap of my career journey.

That makes me 45 years old but I still get ID’d at the bar.

Rode a lot of BMX,  watched a lot of Top of The Pops, and frequently played computer games after parents went to bed.

Went to high school in Oldham. Played a lot of golf, and even more basketball. 

Went to university in Newcastle.
Interested in Art. Took Computing. Dropped out to study Media and Film. 

Drove a delivery van. Worked in a music store, a magazine publisher and a large Dome.

Went to Film School.

2003 – First short film in Los Angeles.

2004 – First child born.

2005 – First job in Television. Created news films, corporate promos and TV commercials as editor, cameraman, and producer.

2008 – First job in prime time Television. Directed 30 episodes of the most popular teen soap on British TV.

2009 – Second child born.

Produced video for Finnish television.

Transitioned to social media content production. 

Worked in Yangon for largest advertising agency in the world.

Produced communication & video content for global brands.

Video & podcast production. Multicam live-streaming.

Effective content strategy design.

Business clients include agencies, startups and multinational corporations.