“Let all your things have their places. Let each part of your business have its time.” —Ben Franklin

YouTube? Really?

You have hobbies: tennis, reading, watching Netflix, sailing, playing a musical instrument etc. As a business leader you’re most likely not aware that “using” YouTube (instead of “watching”) can be a fun and rewarding hobby that — unlike your other hobbies — can directly improve your performance at work.

I provide coaching for business leaders to use YouTube as a tool to improve in the work place as well as outside.

What is Euclid Coaching?

Euclid was an ancient Greek mathematician who lived around the year 300 often referred to as the “Father of Geometry.” 
Euclid wrote his theories and discoveries about in a series of 13 books called the “Elements.”
Euclid Coaching is communication that may be used as a tool for defining problems (personal or business) through geometrical terms based on the basic fundamental ideas recorded in “Elements.”

The four concepts on which the coaching framework is based are:

1. The point
A point has position but no magnitude.

Mutually exclusive, collectivly exhaustive.

3. Ratio and Measurement
Observation through comparison.

4. Inverse, Opposite, Negation
Identifying what NOT to do.

Euclid Coaching for Personal YouTube is available as articles on the blog or as personal 1-to-1 calls with me.