Don’t Worry About What Others Think of You

The instruction here is: ‘Don’t worry.’

Because we forget that, we get confused with what to do after receiving information from others.

Don’t worry about other people think about you!

OK. My co-worker thinks I’m an asshole.
Don’t worry about it.

My dad wants me to go to this college.
Don’t worry about it.

My financial advisor is telling me to invest in this asset.
Don’t worry about it.

Woman at the other table is staring at me because I have mayonnaise on my cheek.
Don’t worry about it.

In each of those cases, ‘don’t worry’ is excellent advice.
But only if you understand it doesn’t mean ‘ignore.’

So what’s a smart person to do?

Well, first understand that external feedback is absolutely vital in enhancing our worldview and building an understanding of self. This is why successful people pay for psychiatrists, consultants, coaches and trainers.

Second, remember not to worry and also not to ignore.

Third, practice evaluating.