Do or Do Not. There Is No ‘Want’.

I’m pondering the concept of ‘want’.’ Is it an empty concept? Does it embody anything useful?

After giving it some thought, the obvious thing I’m noticing is that the concept of ‘want’ only exists when we are dealing with difficult tasks. In the case of easy tasks, the question of whether we ‘want’ to do something is inconsequential. There is only ‘do’ or ‘not do.’

I want to scratch my head = I scratch my head. So, in this case, the ‘want’ basically determines my action. I wanna close my left eye. I close my left eye. Why? Because it’s easy.

But if I want to go to work at 8am on Monday morning, it’s different. ‘I want to go to work’ does not automatically equal ‘I go to work’.

I have personally heard people say the following (as you may have too):

  • I want to give up eating meat.
  • I want to give up cigarettes.
  • I want to give up porn.
  • I want to stop getting angry at trivial things.
  • I want to exercise more.
  • I want to start a business.

But they don’t do it. They want to do it but they don’t have the motivation to do it. (Motivation: there’s another empty concept.)

Also, I’m reminding myself I shouldn’t just say ‘they,’ because I have it, too. There’s a lot of things I want to do that I don’t do.

But maybe from now on, instead of copping out and saying ‘I don’t have the motivation,’ I’ll just start being honest with myself and say it like it is : ‘I’m not doing it because I’m lazy.’

Hmm that doesn’t make me feel so good.

That’s the idea.

Is there a nicer way to put it?

You could just remove the want out of the equation. Why not just make it a matter of ‘I do this’ or ‘I don’t do this’ ?

No more wanting, not wanting, being motivated, not motivated?

That’s right. Do or do not. There is no want.

There is no want.