CLICHÉ: Go With the Flow

CLICHÉ:Just go with the flow. WHAT WE FORGET: To notice the flow. Go with the flow. If you consciously don’t want to go with the flow, then you are choosing to go against the flow. If you’re conscious about it, then you have determined that the flow is not the way it should be. If …

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CLICHÉ: Love Each Other

CLICHÉ: Love each other. WHAT WE FORGET: It’s ok to let others love me. Perhaps the biggest cliche of them all. How can we examine this in a way that hasn’t been examined before? Let’s start by noticing that your immediate reaction is, ‘That’s obvious!’ or ‘Is that it?’ ‘Love each other? That’s all you …

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CLICHÉ: Save Money

CLICHÉ : Save Money! WHAT WE FORGET : The duration. The purpose of saving money is to spend money later isn’t it? Nobody’s purpose is to save money and die. So, like in a lot of situations, this is about the balancing of long term and short term thinking. We want to make life, as …

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