Don’t Go Too Simple!

A quote famously attributed to Albert Einstein : “Make things as simple as possible. But no simpler.” I’ve been thinking about this quote a long time and I seem to have a different way to interpret it every time I think about it. So I wanted to note this down because I want to remember …

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The Purpose of Money

I recently noticed something really obvious: the purpose of money is to be spent. That is money’s life mission. If money does not get spent, it has not served its purpose. So then, I notice, the purpose of a person saving money is for that person to spend money later. Nobody’s purpose is to save …

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Life Is Short?

Is life long or short? To answer that, I should first decide if I’m talking about a single human lifespan or the whole species. Let’s say the former. If I take the current average human lifespan and round it up to 100, I then need to determine from whose point of view am I measuring? …

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