Be afraid. Be very afraid!

You’re not gonna be able to help it anyway.

In your brain, there are chemical processes that work together to make sure you are continuously looking for something to be fearful about.

It’s pre-built, it’s ancient and irremovable.

The brain grew this process to protect itself during times when life was volatile and chances of death were high.

This protection process is very stable and effective: it searches the environment for signs of danger like a surveillance camera system constantly scanning the dystopian city at night for threats.

The process worked extremely well, so well that it motivated the body to successfully manipulate the physical environment to remove large amounts of threats and danger.

Today, compared to the time when this process was first developed by the brain, there are very few threats remaining.

But–you guessed it–the process is still functioning, diligent as ever. Actually it has evolved into a super efficient high definition surveillance camera system that is ALWAYS ON and ALWAYS looking for danger.

Except now it’s like a security camera scanning open grass flower fields on a sunny day.

We don’t want to shut it off completely (couldn’t even if we tried) but we can certainly allocate less resources to it.

To sum up: be afraid, because that’s your nature. Also, grow past it, because that’s your job.