Why does the obvious need noticing?

You know that saying (it could be a meme) – the one that starts with ‘Birds fly, fish swim…’? It usually ends with a different verb for humans, depending on the mood of the author. The more common ones are, ‘Humans run,’ or ‘Humans talk.’

I’d like to put forward my own version.

Birds fly. Fish swim. And humans forget.

And that’s why we need to notice the obvious.

About me:

My name is Tan Lay. I’m a primate born after the agricultural revolution, trying to adapt to the digital revolution, on planet Earth. I usually sleep in a wooden house on the Northern Hemisphere.

I write regularly, podcast a little less regularly and walk around Helsinki with startup entrepreneurs once in a while.

My blog slash diary is called Noticing The Obvious. You’re about to enter it now.

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